Economics of Dates

Around Integrated Economic Policy of Date Palm in the Arab World.

Abdel-Moneim R. Mohammed1, and Ahmed A. M. Elsayed


The Cost of Production of Khalas-Date at Al-Hassa in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Strategies for Sustaining Agricultural Productivity in the Oasis of South Tunisia.

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Date Production: An Asset for Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria.

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Dates Production Economics in Biskra and El Oeud Governorates in Algeria.

Bachir Ben Ahamad
Dates Marketing in Saudi Arabia: Difficulties and Treatments.
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The Economic Aspects of Dates Production and Consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Effect of Treated Sewage Water on Mineral Composition of Date Fruit

in Saudi Arabia

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Effect of pollen source on production and fruit quality of date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Khalas.

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Development Of Date Palm Production In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Bunch Thinning Improves Yield And Fruit Quality Of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.): II. Omraheem cultivar

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Interactive Effects Of Nac1 And Ga3, On Growth And Development Of In Vitro Plants of Date palm (phoneix dactylifera l.) ‘khanaizi’ cultivar

Abdullatif A. Al-Kateeb*, Hassan M. Ali-Dinar*, Suliman A. Al-Khateeb**


Effect Of Nac1 On Growth And Development Of In Vitro Plants Of Date Palm (Phonix dactylifera L.) ‘Khainazi’ cultivar

Abdullatif A. Al-Khateeb


The Role Of Carbohydrates And Hormones In Root Formation Of In Vitro Date Palm (Phonex dactylifera L.) Shoots.

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‘Barhee’ Fruit Setting Problems At Al-Qassim Area: I. The Sexual/Hormonal Relation During Fruit Set

Hassan, M. Ali-Dinar*, Abdullatif A. Al-Khateeb*, Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi**, Dawas A. Dawas***, Abdalla Al-Ganim***

Effect Of Ga3 On Production Of Quality In Vitro Shoots Of Date Palm (Phoneix, dactylifera L.).

Date Palm Research Center, King Faisal University,  Al-Hassa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.