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Economic Importance and Damage



Symptom in Date Palm

Site of infestation of RPW at Date Palm


    Normally, the Red Palm Weevil prefers to infest palms below the age of 20 years, where the stem of the young palm is soft, juicy and  easily penetrated. The weevils are destructive pests to palms.

The larvae are responsible for damaging the palm, and once they have gained access, the death of the palm generally ensues. The larva normally never comes to the surface, since it begins its life inside the palm. Therefore, neither the damage nor the larva can be seen. However, the trunk of the palm can be infested in any parts, including the crown.

The damage caused by a few larvae of the weevil is astonishing. Even one larva may cause considerable damage, and, sometimes the death of the palm.

It is difficult to assess the actual loss caused by this pest, but undoubtedly it affects the production of date palms.



Symptom in Date Palm    Site of infestation of RPW at Date Palm      


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