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Date Palm

     Date palm, Phoenix dactylifera L., is one of the oldest fruit trees in the  world and is mentioned in the Qur'an and Bible. The number of the date palms is about 100 million worldwide, of which 62 million palms can be found in the Arab world. The place of origin of the date palm is uncertain. Some claim that the date palm first originated in Babel, Iraq, while others believe that it originated in Dareen or Hofuf, Saudi Arabia or Harqan, an island on the Arabian Gulf in Bahrain.

     The date palm is a perennial, the females of which normally begin to bear dates within an average five of years from the time of planting of the offshoot. The date palm reaches an age of about 150 years.

     On a commercial scale, the Middle East and North Africa are the major date palm producing areas in the world. 

     The fruit of the date palm is delicious and sweet (See picture).



Order:    Palmales

Family:    Palmae

Genus:  Phoenix  dactylifera L.

Common name : Date Palm

Date palm Propagation Irrigation Fertilization Intercropping Pruning Pest Management Pollination Harvesting Marketing Storage


Date palm     Propagation Irrigation    Fertilization Intercropping    Pruning PestManagement    Pollination   Harvesting Marketing    Storage

Fruit of Date Palm



Date Palm


Date Palm





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